How do I price my listing?

Pricing guidelines for space owners:

The price you charge for your listing is completely up to you. Below are some parameters to consider for your calculation

1. Set pricing per week instead of per day as users typically would like to display between 1 to 4 weeks so that more consumers can see their product or services information.

2. Ad Space Size / Type : flyer at counter or Wall space to display poster

If you are providing space to display A5 brochure on counter or on a table then you can consider starting with SGD 48 – 72 per week pricing range and subsequently you can adjust pricing based on demand of your space.

3. Your Space location

Broadly your space location or area can be categorized as central / business district and residential area. Typically spaces at business district are of higher rate due to higher rental

4. Footfall at your space

More people or patrons visit your space per day means more visibility of ad displayed.

Space at Residential Area Pricing Guideline (SGD per week)

Space at Central / Business District Pricing Guideline (SGD per week)