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Why Use blurbme?

We know as business owner you are always on a look-out for ways to grow. And for that you need to reach out to right target audience and let the world know about you and your product & services.

As a small business owner, individual or entrepreneur it’s always a tricky line to tread where traditional advertising is costly and online advertising requires knowledge & maintenance of various digital platforms.

The inability to reach out to the right target audience is one of the biggest reasons that businesses are improving not matter how much money is put into it. That’s where we aim to empower you so that you have opportunity to succeed

How blurbme Works

1. Discover right space for you to advertise: blurbme platform has trusted space owners such as cafes, restaurant, etc., who provide spaces to display your products & service advertisements.

2. Book & Pay Online

– Based on your product, look for areas where you think you can find the right target audience.

For example, a cafe located in business district which attracts office crowds.

Read our guide for selecting spaces

3. Display

Take your product to the rented space. Host will send you photos that your product was displayed during the specified duration.

Why Use blurbme

Simple: Be it small business, start-ups, entrepreneurs or Individuals, anyone can book spaces online in few simple steps

Direct: Direct booking with the Hosts. Completely transparent process.

Trusted: Curated spaces so that you book worry-free.

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